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Vinyl Aluminum Dock

Our Dock sections comes in 10' lengths and 4' wide, with 2" Vinyl diamond plated premium decking. Also custom 5.5"  Aluminum anodized extrusion side rails with T slots to allow for a interchangeable brackets and docking accessories. Stainless steel hardware & pins for EZ Connection

Vinyl Aluminum Dock

Vinyl Premium Decking 

This E-Z Dock feature an Industry 2" thick maintenance free vinyl decking with a stylish nonskid diamond pattern. Vinyl decking  does not conduct heat so it stays cool even on the hottest days. Also much quitter then aluminum decking. Standard color is White option for tan and gray.

Station & Leg Support

Station supports with telescoping legs allow for all dock supports to be underneath the dock. This gives the dock a nice clean look, as well as unmatched support. When ready to remove the dock, simply pull the pins and carry the dock section in or float to shore. Being able to remove the legs makes handling the section much easier and takes much less room to store. With built in braces.

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Every successful company has a story to tell, Here is ours!

E-Z Dock Company opened in 1968 When Gerald Roberts

started pattern making.

Around 1976, His son Ernie began doing more manufacturing work.

1980 Ernie's brother in law bought property on lake charlevoix and needed a dock. That is where E-Z Dock Co flourished, We began making roll-out docks & continue to be Northern Michigan's number one leader in dock and boat lifts. 

Ernie's wife Gayle has been helping since 1983. 

They have 3 kids. Their son Jeremy started working at the company in 1996.


manufacturing, Design, Problem Solving & our quality service & Satisfaction. 

The first dock that was made is still in Lake Charlevoix Today.

Robert's E-Z Dock company is still proud to continue a family owned business.